The only common thing between these two is selecting numbers otherwise these two have their customized rules and regulations. In the lottery, the players have to choose the jackpot or the normal lottery. After that, they have to enter their seven digits number in the box and wait for a while. If their number and system number are the same one then they will get a huge amount. For example, if they are choosing jackpot then they can win very huge amount or if they choosing a normal ticket then they can win a small amount.

Also, in a slot game, the players have to choose some random numbers and they can get their result immediately. That is, the machine displays some random number for every millisecond and when the player selects the same number then they are the winners and they can get more money. Even both lottery and slot machines need the same skill to play that is a comparison because both games do not display the same numbers so if they use their brain then they can win every odd. So, these are all the common difference between the slot machine and lottery ticket.

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